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Up In The Blue – Emma Mould Music

Up In Blue is all about stepping out of your comfort zones into new places, and taking that leap of faith even when the thought of doing it makes your toes curl.

The shivers that keep coming now your actually doing it, and the shudders you have as you are still reeling at the thought you just did it!

It’s about following your heart, the voice that is above yourself, whom you are totally trusting in spite of any  fear or doubts.

Having to make your own path and rules up, maybe being the only one who got any real pleasure out of doing it. And not looking back, even if it’s only me that sees it for what it is and knows it’s true worth.

About Up in The Blue

I wrote “Up In The Blue”  whilst making some big life changes. I felt they were more risks. at times.. but changes that I had put a lot of prayer, thought and time into.

Leaving behind the comfort and safety of what I had to begin a new chapter and season.

For me this was to finally dare to write songs, sing and talk about things that mattered and were buried within me.

It’s a scary risky way of living, especially when you have family to care for, and those around you sharing their concerns and stating the obvious risks.

But I see you only get one shot at life here, you have to try your best and use the gifts you have to change the world around you as much as you can whilst you can.

So I did it, worked really hard, saved, payed my debts off, kept working hard until I could quit my day job. I then set out to launch my music, writing, performing, recording and here I am still living in hope to one day tour as a singer songwriter.

Having the dreams and drive I have have has caused me to make some big risky turns in life which have cost me so much.

Doing whatever it takes to move forward step by step, beyond my own understanding hasn’t and still isn’t easy.

Theres a great little book below that you can read to inspire you (if you are considering a new adventure as I have shared).

 //Jonathan Livingston Seagull Inspiration

There’s a fantastic little book called Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach.

The fable is about a seagull who desires to soar into realms that none of the other seagulls have ever gone, as it is all the other seagulls live day by day only concerned with scavenging for food.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull is unique,  as he has a passion and hinger for flight more than food, he has a dream that would not go away, and he pushes through even at the risk of losing all the other seagulls in his flock.

Ultimately the story is about the importance of seeking our higher purpose in life, even if your flock, tribe or family finds your ambition threatening.

By not compromising his higher vision, Jonathan finds his greatest reward, and also passes it on teaching younger gulls the joy of flight and the power of dreams.

Up In The Blue Lyrics

“Battling blues, prayin’ destiny to lift
Life in minors playin’ my heart in riffs
Finished, diminished crevice long gone
Wings waited to feel flight hit the skies an beyondUp up up up into the blue
In my Destiny with you
I’m leavin I’m leavin’, this old city
Only thing I ever knew
All I’m takin’ is youGotta move on from fallin’ apart
Breakin’ down breakin’ through, rearranged my heart
Love leaks seeps to seeds faced sky like
Sweet warm kisses sun flowers to light
Gotta fly (repeat)..”
Emma Mould Music
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