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Timeless Hands Official Video – Emma Mould Music

 Timeless Hands touches on the aftermath of a “hurricane season”  in life that can leave people homeless, disorientated and exhausted.

For many reasons we can find ourselves suddenly miles from the life we once knew, now searching franticly for a shoreline, and the hope of a place of belonging.

Now I live in Manchester and have done all my life, so physical hurricanes are not something I personally encounter.

Still, I have weathered some fierce personal hurricanes in my life. They arrive out of nowhere and cause havoc. Destroying everything you have spent a lifetime building up, and sets you sailing off on an angry ocean with no choice or control on the direction or the matter.

You can only batten down the hatches to survive, and for me, I majored on prayer for miracles. I asked many times to be washed up on the right shore where I could begin again and to heal.

And maybe if there is any optimism left in me, that I would be able to make something as good or better than I had out of all the wreckage.

About Timeless Hands

Timeless hands captures imagery and moments of when all humanity fails, the things we depend on in life fail.

When your own faith, hope, dreams are suddenly challenged or broken into a million pieces.

I found looking back to my own hurricanes, that all along there was someone with me, going ahead of me, even when I didn’t acknowledge, sense, or trust Him.

He said all along to my weary panic stricken heart that he wouldn’t leave me. That there was a better life ahead, and reams of other promises I would discover as I stumbled across the truths in the bible.

He never promised no pain, no suffering, no let down, or disappointment, but would work them out for my good in the end.

I haven’t ever had much clarity in my life, but I have definitely been invited to the Lords table of trust, and here I have stayed. (Mostly making a real mess, spilling everything, and I have displayed the most immature childish tantrums mostly through fear).

But I still choose to trust now, yes trust over clarity.


As I was writing this song I was mindful of all the refugees fighting for a chance of life in the world right now.

They flee for fear of their lives and family survival (if they have any left) after the evil regimes and wars they’ve had to endure.

They take lengthy journeys to unknown shores, and as we see daily in the news, get literally washed up on shores, being pulled out of the waves and onto the beach where they fight for their lives another hour, to the next day and week and beyond.

I have met so many people and heard many accounts of survivors – tragically some minus their children, husbands, wives and parents.

Left exhausted, shocked, traumatised by their exodus, they arrive in a land of “hope, freedom and safety”  only to be greeted with hostility, verbally aggressive interrogation, be held in isolated rooms where no one is speaking their language.  Followed by squalid refugee sites or camps with risks of abuse, rape and unthinkable further unnecessary inhumane suffering.

I hope that one day these refugees living around us in their broken selves, will tell their stories of horror pain and a fallen humanity.

But that their story wasn’t finished, as post initial hostility and isolation, awaiting them were so many overwhelming kind people, open hearted, open handed friends and new found family where they would build their dreams upon.

I wonder if they, their children and children’s children will be our future teachers, wise kind rulers, and maybe be the rescue teams that we so need to help the broken and see the prisoners free.

Most importantly the presence of a power and hand far greater than any human touch that swoops and saves, as He turned and is still forming my wreckage into a beautiful unique precious residence.

I have a beautiful friend, Beatrice Smith, who tells of her own personal story of being a refugee and surviving and overcoming in her book “The Search for Home”.

Timeless Hands Lyrics

“Timeless hands hold me
Timeless hands show me
What it is to Love
Finally to trust all I have to live.Hands of old brought me
From the cold found me
Washed up on the shore
Led me through the doors of my destiny.

Gave me a song sweetest melody
Awakened my soul with a symphony
Rhythm of grace each beat my heart my heart breaks free
Ancient of days rescued me

Timeless hands keep me
Be my light take me
Through my darkest night
Hands they fought the fight so I could find Love

Timeless hands”
Emma Mould Music
Emma Mould Music Administrator