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Story of Love – Emma Mould Music

About “Story of Love”

It is possibly the “story of love” many of us go through in life.

We fall deeply and profoundly “head over heels in love”.

There’s a honeymoon season, and then soon enough we get busy and “life” happens.

The ordinary daily routines and troubles of life can soon dull or dampen emotions, minds and hearts cloud with issues, along with unforeseen traumas and challenges.

This often brings an unforeseen premature end to the “vibrant honeymoon/ wow factor season”. So fighting to steal time together, to grow together and to stay fresh is definitely something of a challenge.

So when the chance to rekindle, rearrange life and make changes comes, exploration of rediscovering your love for each other can be just as exciting as it was all the years before.

For me the delight of ‘my first love’ returned, along with the magic. I realised I hadn’t even finished my honeymoon romance, but here we were, somehow now back in the place lost in love, ready to continue our fun before we were interrupted by the call of life.

This is one of the rare love songs I have ever written.

Story of Love Lyrics


“Steal away alone with you, I can rest my dizzy head

To a place where we begin again, and see the wonder

Run from mans rules, boring order, religion crumbles away

Like dead white cliffs into the sea, we can see


Our hearts they fuse together

Where we once began


Our story of love


Tears flow from my face soaking in warm scarred skin

Love on me don’t stop, love on me we’ve got eternity

Burn me loose upon the alter, I’ll be as pure as gold

My obsession is non the lesser.


Our hearts they fuse together

Where we once began


Our story of love”


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