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One Drop – Emma Mould Music

One Drop is about a little of something amazing that changes the bigger picture of your life.

A little flavour to a cup of water changes the entire cup immediately, a substance that overcomes that which it is added too.

One Drop The Story Behind The Song

My faith journey is often about the “little” moments of revelation, prayer, words, sentences and dreams that stay and last a lifetime.

This song is written in line with the theme of the album: The small things that effect the big things.

My feelings of insecurity, self worth and insignificance can really immobilise my motivation now and then, especially as an artist. I’m plagued with doubts of:

“Is anyone listening? Can I connect with anyone out there? Is anyone understanding this what I’m writing?

Do I even really understand what my heart is saying here?”

I have to discipline and channel my self to write at times, and this comes from one drop of internal passion, out weighing the bigger struggles until the doubts don’t matter anymore.

Hope and hurt have once again battled and birthed a song, or a poem or something that I have spent my day creating.

//One Source

For me there is one source and all it takes is one drop.  (Once you know something tastes so good you want more). That is still the well I find myself going back to.

Relating to a story in the bible of the Samaritan women at a well; She was unclean, unwanted, thirsty & divided so much in her life.

Jesus brought all of her loose ends into one place, somehow nothing made sense as she couldn’t even explain herself to Jesus when he asked her simple questions.

Yet things soon became clear to her as he asked her to give him a drink of water.

He was the one breaking the religious rules, she was the one who left breaking out within her a “spring of water welling up into eternal life”.  There she was said to have found herself, her future, her truth and her purpose.

I imagine myself like her a lot. Although I’ve only managed one husband, I do get distracted by issues and people,  and often find myself divided, confused and exhausted.

//Personal Spiritual Journey

Theology and religious rules often come at an expense, when I’ve tried them, they just burn me out and leave me feeling like I’ve failed.

So I figured I’d explore, taste and see and find out for myself.

Church or religious attendance or association is not going to quench the deep questions and longings inside.  The journey can not be authentic if you are always drinking from the cup of another, a parent, friend, leader, preacher (especially bad preachers ha).

You have to get to that well yourself, give to Jesus that what you have been drinking that has left you wanting, and exchange with him what He has been drinking.

The best thing about this type of spiritual journey is that you just never know what is next, …the next revelation, the next surprise.

It’s that personal that it has that “love coated edge, with my own name tag on”. What ever awaits me, it is always worth the uncomfortable waiting and the many long wilderness walks.

One Drop Lyrics

“One drop last forever
To a spring of enough
Taste life awakening smiles
Spilled love flowering trust

You are only that which I’ll let you take me:

Soaked to the bone  still pouring down
Wash away stench of doubt
Wade in life river calls
Wild ocean rivers run there to fall

You are only that which I’ll let you take me:

Fire raging burnin all over
Shaken down to the very core
Veins ache loaded up with life
Soon break Lava”s gonna pour

You are only that which I’ll let you take me:

Theres so much more than, I can hold
All I’ve been told
What the preacher man sold”

Emma Mould Music
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