Kites and Chasms: Debut Album by Emma Mould


Release Date: 06/01/2016

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Album Description

Kites and Chasms is the debut album from Manchester-based singer-songwriter Emma Mould.



“A deep and uplifting album, Mould originally wrote this as a series of letters addressed to her two young children portraying personal experiences, as well as political-social subjects like the current integration of refugees, different cultures and greater freedoms into our modern-day society.”



The eleven-track record is steeped in poetical and vocal warmth, backed by joyful guitar-led melodies and made with the help of both new and long-standing Manchester-based musical friends.

The assumption is often that acoustic songwriters lack stylistic variety, but that’s exactly where Emma Mould bucks the trend and that’s partly thanks to a childhood reared on an expansive record collection of rock, blues, reggae, gospel, soul, funk and alternative music.

This rich background has translated into this songwriter’s first album Kites and Chasms.

It’s a journey through genres, themes and feelings – from the romantic golden age of singer-songwriter music in “Story of Love” to a Stevie Nicks-esque sound in “Wild Light” to a track like “Up In The Blue” which flips a smattering of country onto bold indie-rock choruses.

Throughout all of these changing states, Mould keeps the record in line with her consistently strong vocal and driving rhythms.

An absolutely must listen is the energetic penultimate track “Waiting”, which perfectly fills the role as a triumphant anthem signalling this UK artist’s confident introduction.

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