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Emma Mould – Singer Songwriter, Musician, Social Activist, Blogger, Writer based in Manchester, U.K





“I play and write an eclectic mix of organic music,  folk rooted handwritten poetical spirituals telling stories in song. I am driven to explore life and unravel myself artistically,  attempting to open communication to those around me, especially my kids. They spear me on like nothing else ever has or will do, there’s an innate desire to leave behind as much as I can for them,  so they may choose to build something better than what I have or ever had. – My ceiling being their floor.”




I have chose to focus on writing, recording and usually playing local due to having a young family to raise.

When I perform live, there is often an element of unpredictability. I cram in the various subjects I’m raising, sometimes this has been delivered with unintentional humour, especially if the subject is challenging or contradicting culture and atmosphere.

I delight in bantering with my audience, engaging with people and encouraging dialogue.  Delivering songs in various forms,  pushing and expanding my musical boundaries whether playing solo or accompanied with my band.

Emma Mould’s Story


Growing up on tough council estates in South Manchester, its fair to say that my life had got off to a rocky start. The absence of a father, and the presence of poverty, uncertainty and vulnerability, left me responding to life with a strong determined character, but also wrestling with a deeply rooted self-destructive spirit.

Music had always been the main focus of my childhood, my mum daily playing LOUD her diverse mostly white label vinyl collection of reggae, roots, dub, soul, rock, gospel, alternative, psychedelic array of artists.

So its not much surprise that I turned to this language of communication and expression,  I began to write music, songs and poetry at the age of 14 years old.
I was a troubled teenager and found myself very needy.. I now recognise I was needing much inner healing. I hadn’t grown up in any church, or had any religious boundaries or biblical experience, but I have a faith filled praying Nanna (grandma). No doubt her prayers were influencing my path.


The Year of Near Death

This particular year delivered several significant things to my life, with two near death experiences; a severe car accident and a serious house fire. Followed by what I can closest describe as a “spiritual awakening/encounter” which was the moment of interjection that would unexpectedly impact the rest of my life.

Soon after this I found myself in a inner city Manchester church, drenched in leaders who were very socially active, and a community of great uplifting gospel worship music and musicians.

It wasn’t long before I was thrown on to a drum kit to fill in for a late musician, that I discovered I had a flare in (winging it), improvising and playing along and coming alive when I did. That led to me exploring many instruments and singing several times a week for long periods of time. (these pentecostals really know how to take you from church to heavenly places). Music and prayer is now still the vehicle that moves my life forward, a journey to and through personal healing, and then on to surprise and adventure.

Music for Communication: I began to naturally use music to communicate, wrote songs to sing to those close to me, I then became a regular to sing at weddings and social gatherings, church groups, and then going on to sing at various venues and arenas around Manchester City.

Manchester Music Scene



I began to connect with other local artists and musicians gigging around the Manchester music scene, many of which have become life long friends.
It was at this time we celebrated the rise and success of some Manchester artists, and we grieved and mourned the fall of others. It was apparent the music community needed a lot more TLC than I realised.

I was resident artist in several venues in Chorlton Manchester, Tommy Hindley (Inspiral Carpets singer) amongst others I would frequently play and support him. I was eager to encourage anyone and everyone to gather, hook up, write, play live, support and honour each other.

After a long road of playing live music, performances, songwriting, worship leading, mothering two amazing kids, and working day jobs to pay the bills, I finally got to record my debut Album named “Kites and Chasms” in September 2016.